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Norwich is a city in the UK which has been situated in the North East. It is a city in England’s Norfolk Country. Being a major city of the UK and also a city that has been famous for textiles, the city has the maximum number of businessmen traveling every day from every corner of the world. Although the city has many tourists also visiting it, the number of businessmen visiting the city is far more.

If we talk about Glasgow, it is one of the most sparkling and dynamic cities in Europe. The city has been situated on the banks of River Clyde. Since it is a major city, so it has many rail servers serving it. The University of Glasgow makes this city more famous. This University has a large number of students studying in it and these students come from different cities and different countries to this University to gain an education. The University is internationally known for its research programs. Other things that visitors like about Glasgow is that they love to explore the museums, the art galleries, the open parks, Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow School of Art, George Square and Merchant District, Necropolis, and a lot of other tourist destination places in Glasgow.

So the people traveling from Norwich to Glasgow must give a try by booking their train tickets from Split Train Ticketing and we assure the cheapest bookings of your trains from this website. This online booking portal is a great saving tool for all travelers who are planning to travel from one city to another city in the UK and also want to save on their travel. Time taken by a train to reach Glasgow from Norwich is 9 hours and 27 minutes. The first and last train from Norwich is at 5:33 and 22:40 respectively. Near about 25 trains travel between these two cities daily. So use this online booking platform for booking the train tickets and avail good discounts by splitting your journey.

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