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Leeds is one of the main cities in England. The city has its location in the county of West Yorkshire. On estimating the distance of the city from London (the capital of England) it is approximately 170 miles north of Central London.

When we talk about the development of the UK, the contribution of this city is among the top cities that have been contributing to the UK’s growth and development. It is the main hub that is employing a large mass of people every year. The employment rate is more in this city because the city has a large number of private companies and hence it is providing the fastest private-sector jobs to all the employees. According to a study, about 77% of the total private-sector jobs are provided by this city in the UK.

Leeds is the cultural, financial and commercial of the West Yorkshire. Leeds has been a culturally known city as well. Another fact about this city is that the city has 4 renowned and well-known universities.

That is why Leeds is the fourth-largest urban economy of the country. Since the city has been known for its education and employment so it is quite obvious that the number of students will be traveling to the city for their education and the employees and businessmen will be traveling to the city for their work. They can hence go for Split Train Ticketing because this is the cheapest way to save on their journey by train.

Let us now talk about Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland), it is a small and compact city and it is a city having a hilly area. Although the city is small and compact but is visited by many tourists because of its beauty. It has many tourist attractions and all these attractions make this city more famous and hence a large of people gets attracted to this city.

The average journey time taken by trains from Edinburgh to Leeds is 3 hours and 02 minutes and the last train between Edinburgh to Leeds departs at 21:00. It is easy for all the tourists to travel between these cities because throughout the day many trains run between these cities.

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