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The journey from Newcastle to Sheffield will take only 2 hours by train. The first train that leaves Newcastle is at 06:23 in the morning and the last train that departs from Newcastle to Sheffield is at 19:45. Throughout the day there are so many trains traveling between these two cities.

If we have a comparative look at the two cities, we will find that both are equally known and famous. On one hand, Sheffield is an industrial city and hence deals in many industrial activities. On the other hand, if we see Newcastle it is a member of a group of core cities in the UK and also a member of Eurocities network of European cities. Sheffield is known for its bucolic vistas, manor homes, mining towns, and mineral springs and Newcastle for Digital technology, Tourism, and cultural and religious centers. So if we go on comparing the two cities we will see that there are so many points that make these cities equally important and famous.

If you are traveling from Newcastle to Sheffield and you are worried about the fares and the traveling expenses, then there is no need for you to worry about it now. All your worries will come to an end because we are here to provide you with the cheapest train fares for the trains that are running across the UK.

Traveling from one city to another city in the UK has become quite cheaper now because we are here with one of the cheapest online booking platforms that are Split Train Ticketing. Booking from Split Train Ticketing will help you in saving around 60% of the actual train fare. Since both Newcastle and Sheffield are the major cities with the major railway stations in the UK, several trains are running between these two stations and also many stations are connecting the two cities. So splitting your train tickets is far easy while you are traveling from Newcastle to Sheffield.

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