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Leeds is a city in England and also one of the major cities in the UK. In the county of West Yorkshire is the location of this city, Leeds. If you are traveling from Newcastle to Leeds the approximate time taken by the train from Newcastle to reach Leeds is 1 hour and 30 minutes. This period is very less for any traveler and hence any traveler can manage to split his journey very easily. The first train from Newcastle to Leeds is at 04:48 and the last train is at 00:08.

When we are talking about the development of the UK, the city that has contributed the most to the development of the UK is none other than Leeds. Hence this city is among the top cities that have been contributing to the UK’s growth and development.

The city is the main hub that is employing a large mass of people. Because Leeds is the city which is providing the fastest private-sector jobs to all the employees, it has added in contributing to the UK’s growth and development. According to a study, about 77% of the total private-sector jobs are provided by this city that is Leeds, in the UK.
Because the city is the hub of private-sector jobs so many employees are traveling to Leeds from many other cities for jobs.

For all such employees who are traveling for work to Leeds, Split Train Ticketing is a way to save as much they can on their travel. These employees will be traveling to Leeds on daily basis for their jobs, so they need a consistent and reliable platform that can offer them discounts on their train bookings and this can be done by Split Train Ticketing only.

Newcastle has also been a major city of the UK because the city serves different sectors like corporate offices and headquarters, Education and learning, Digital technology, Retail market and business, Tourism, Cultural and religious centers. All these sectors add on to the economy of the city and hence making this economy a vast and developed economy.

For all the travelers who are traveling from Newcastle to Leeds, there is a golden opportunity to book their train tickets. Split your train tickets from Newcastle to Leeds and earn heavy discounts on your booking.

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