Save Big with Split Train Tickets London to Castle Cary | Times, Routes, and Attractions

Split Train Tickets to London

Are you aware of some of the following names?

The British Museum
Hyde Park
Tower of London
Walk along the Thames
Coca-Cola London Eye
Buckingham Palace
Tower Bridge
Westminster Abbey
Oxford Street & Regent Street
Shakespeare’s Globe

You might have read or heard these names somewhere. Or maybe you might be aware of some of the names and some others are new to you. All these are some of the top and most visited places by tourists in London. London is the most famous and worldwide known city in the UK because it is the capital of England. This city has many things in it which attracts so many people from all around the world. And a few have been mentioned above. Not only these, but many other tourist fascinations in London attracts many people from all over the world. London gives a treat to the eyes of every visitor visiting it.

On the other hand, if we talk about Castle Cary this city also has many tourist fascinations like

  • Castle Cary and District Museum
  • The largest castle
  • Saint Churches
  • Several walks
  • The Market House
  • The Round House
  • The old George Inn

All these are some of the famous destinations that people love to visit in Castle Cary. If any person wants to travel from London to Castle Cary he can do that by splitting his journey. Traveling from London to Castle Cary by train will take 1 hour and 46 minutes. Many trains are running from London to Castle Cary and hence splitting the journey becomes easier. Near about 32 trains are traveling between these two cities (London to Castle Cary) daily. The timing of the first train is 06:36 and the last train is 22:38. So use Split Train Ticketing for booking the journey from London to Castle Cary and avail of huge discounts.

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