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Split Train Tickets to London

In the county of Somerset, England there lies a city named Bath. Romans built many baths in the city and from then the city famously came to be known for its baths. Bath is the city which is located in the valley of River Avon. London is near to this city Bath. Also if we consider the distance of Bath and Bristol it is not much. So both the cities London and Bristol are near to Bath. The city Bath is only at a distance of 156 km or 97 miles from the west of London and if we calculate the distance of Bath from Bristol it is only 11 miles or 18 km from South-east Bristol. So this distance is not much.

Since 1987 the city is a world heritage site. There were many hot springs in this valley even before the Romans had built many baths here in the city and also a temple in this valley of River Avon. Do you know that this city has another face also? Yes, the city has another side also and that side of the city reflects modernization. On the one hand, the city has a great place in history and it reflects history whereas on another hand the city serves some industries like the software industry, publishing industry, and many other service-oriented industries.

Travelers who are traveling to London love to visit this city also. So it is reported that many travelers travel to this city Bath every year. A survey shows that about 3.8 million day visitors visit this city every year and about 1 million are reported to be the night visitors to the city.

On the other hand, if we talk about London it is the most common place chosen by many travelers and visitors to visit. Trains from London to Bath can be booked using Split Train Ticketing to avail of the discounts on the booking.

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