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Are you in search of a simple, reliable and discount providing online booking platform that can solve all your problems relating to train ticket bookings when you are traveling across the UK? If yes, then you are here at the right place.

Split Train Ticketing is an online booking portal that can help in saving your money depending upon the train booking. By booking your train tickets from Split Train Ticketing you can manage to save up to 70% of your train fare rates.

This is a genuine and reliable booking platform which helps you in providing all the information that you need about your journey. The site provides you with all the help that you need relating to your train booking.

If you are traveling from Leeds to Newcastle you can use this platform for booking your train tickets. These two cities are among the famous cities of the UK and so many trains are running between these two cities. Many rail providers are giving their services to these cities. So Split Train Ticketing is quite a convenient option when you are using it while booking your journey from Leeds to Newcastle.

Leeds is the only city that is employing about 77% of the total mass of the UK. The city is providing private-sector jobs to a huge number of people and that is why the city is one of the major cities in England. Leeds is among the top cities that have a high rate of students who have come to study from all the corners of the world because Leeds has four known universities. Hence it would be right to conclude that this city is the fourth-largest urban economy of the country.

On the other side, if we consider Newcastle, this city at the time of the Industrial Revolution was a major hub of shipbuilding and manufacturing but as far as it is concerned now it has transformed into a center of business, sciences, and art. So Newcastle has the following sectors:

  • Corporate offices and headquarters
  • Education and learning
  • Digital technology
  • Retail market and business
  • Tourism
  • Cultural and religious centers

And this makes Newcastle also a major economy. Trains from Leeds to Newcastle takes on an average of 1 hour and 37 minutes so these tickets from Leeds to Newcastle can be booked by Split Train Ticketing and you can manage to save on your journey.

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