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Bristol is a place in England. The city is located on the southwest side of England. Bristol has the 10th largest population in England. Bristol is a city that is a center for heritage and culture. Bristol is a city that has a modern economy when it is seen based on the electronics, media, and aerospace industry.

Bristol is the hometown of two universities that are the UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL and UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND. Because of these two universities, Bristol has a large population of students who are living in the city. As mentioned above Bristol has the 10th largest population in England and the students have an important role to play in the population factor of Bristol.

Bristol has its connection with the other cities of the UK including London through road and rail both. Bristol has its connection to the rest of the world also and is linked to various other countries through water and air.

All these facts show that Bristol is a huge economy whether it is measured in terms of population or terms of modernization or terms of modes of transport or terms of education.

So, if you are out of those people who are willing to travel to Bristol for any purpose you can book your journey from Split Train Ticketing. This online booking platform can make your journey convenient and you can book your tickets at the cheapest prices. So use Split Train Ticketing on your booking and save up to 50% or more. But before traveling makes sure you have visited the following places in Leeds:

  • Civic Quarter
  • Headrow and Briggate
  • The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
  • St John the Evangelist’s Church
  • Leeds Corn Exchange
  • Harewood House
  • Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills
  • Temple Newsam House
  • Lotherton Hall
  • Abbey House and Museum
  • Wakefield and the National Coal Mining Museum
  • Harrogate: Britain’s Floral Resort
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