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Another main and major city is Birmingham in England. Its art gallery and museum make this city more famous. The art gallery and museum has an extraordinary masterpiece of art. Based on GDP Birmingham is the second largest metropolitan city of the UK. The city came into existence since 1889. James Watt who developed a steam engine about 800 years ago belonged to this city. That is why Birmingham is associated with history because it is the home town of a well-known genius.

Things that are surprising but true about the city:

The city has its name in history because it is the home town of James Watt.
The city is known for its trade, business and also has an industrial background.
This city is also known for art, music, culture, and entertainment.
Birmingham attracts around 50 million visitors every year from all around the world.
This city is the home of five universities. There are five top renowned and famous universities in Birmingham.
Birmingham is ahead of Venice when it comes to many canals that are there in the city. Hence the city has more canals than Venice also.

On the other hand, if we talk about Sheffield it is the fourth largest city in England. Sheffield is also an industrial city but besides this, there are a lot of things for tourists also which they can do and explore in the city. Bucolic vistas, manor homes, mining towns, and mineral springs make this city more famous. Knives, different types of cutting tools, guns, and high-grade steel production add on to the popularity of the city and hence make this city more famous. Sheffield also specializes in fine cutlery. These cutlery items that are manufactured in Sheffield are exported throughout the world.

So the above things clearly show that both these cities Birmingham and Sheffield are the famous cities in the UK.

And hence are visited by many tourists and traders from all over the world. So if you want to travel between these cities get your train tickets booked from Split Train Ticketing and enjoy your journey by getting the lowest train fares on your booking. Split your journey and travel and claim huge discounts.

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