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Newcastle is also a city in England. The city is called a University City which is located on river Tyne on the north-east side of England. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, it was a major shipbuilding and manufacturing hub but now this shipbuilding and manufacturing hub has transformed into a center of business, sciences, and art. The city is about 166 km from Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of the most famous cities in the UK. It is a small and compact city and also a hilly area. Because of its beauty, it is mostly visited by many people throughout the world. Hence it is a city that attracts many tourists and visitors towards it.

So many tourists who are visiting Edinburgh would love to visit this city Newcastle also. Or if we consider the other way round many people who have come to Newcastle for trade and business would love to visit the small, compact and beautiful hill station Edinburgh. For all such travelers Split Train Ticketing is an easy and convenient way by which they can split their train tickets to avail good discounts.

Many travelers also travel from Birmingham to Newcastle these travelers can also use Split Train Ticketing for their train ticket bookings and can avail huge discounts.

Birmingham is one of the main and major cities in England and this city has a well-known art gallery and museum which shows an extraordinary masterpiece of art and this art gallery and museum adds to the popularity of this city. Based on GDP this city ranks second in number. James Watt the developer of the steam engine belonged to this city. Birmingham excels in the areas of art, music, culture, and entertainment and supports all these.

So split your journey from Birmingham to Newcastle and get rid of the tension of heavy train fares for traveling from Birmingham to Newcastle. Trains traveling on this route take an average time of 3 hours and 21 minutes and the number of trains traveling daily is around 31.

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