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A city in England which is located on the south-west side is Bristol. The 10th largest population in England has been there in Bristol. This is a city that is a center of heritage, culture along with a modern economy which serves the sectors that are electronics, media, and aerospace industry. The UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL and UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND are the two main and major universities in England and these are in Bristol.

This city is connected or linked with the other cities of the UK and the other cities include London as well. The city connects itself to the other cities through road and rail both. Bristol also has its connection with the other countries. The city is linked to the rest of the world through water and air both. Bristol is a huge economy and also is a major city because you can see it based on population or modernization or transportation or education.

On the other side, if we consider Birmingham, it is again a major city in the UK. A city that is known for its trade, business and has an industrial background is none other than Birmingham. No wonder the city seems to be purely professional but it has another side also. And that side of the city is full of fun and frolic. That side of the city shows the part of the city in the field of art, music, culture, and entertainment. Birmingham is a city whose name you can find in history as well because James Watt (the person who developed the steam engine) belonged to this city. An extraordinary masterpiece of art shown by the art gallery and museum belonged to this city. This art gallery and museum is famous throughout the world. All these things attract millions of visitors to Birmingham and that is why Birmingham attracts around 50 million visitors every year.

So, if you are out of those people who are interested to visit the two major cities in England and you are willing to travel to Bristol for any reason you can book your journey from Split Train Ticketing. This is an online booking platform that can help you to make your journey more convenient and you can book your tickets at the cheapest prices. So use Split Train Ticketing on your booking and save up to 50% or sometimes even more. Both the cities are the major cities in the UK so splitting your journey will become easier.

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