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A small town named Castle Cary lies at a distance of about 12 miles to the northeast of Yeovil and is situated at a distance of 24 miles to the south of Bath. Although Castle Cary is a small town it is very beautiful and attractive. The main railway line that connects Paddington to Penzance is only a mile to the north of this place.

The center of the town is an old part of Castle Cary and this is still the town center and it contains many buildings like the Market House, the Round House, and the old George Inn, etc. If we talk about the recent developments that have taken place then, in that case, the most modern development that has taken place on the land that is gently rising to the north and this part of the land is joining the town with the village of Ansford. The population of the town is about 2,000. Only a little population of people lives in the town. The town is the main center and has a wide range of shops and services, and also free parking for the vehicles.


There are a few things that attract people to visit Castle Cary. So here is the list of things that people can do and see in Castle Cary.

  1. There are several walks around the town. These are something that tourists love to do. Some walks take to different sites of interest and provide some spectacular views of the town and also the countryside.
  2. Many Saint Churches are there in this town that is worth watching.
  3. Castle Cary has one of the largest castles which was built in the 12th century but sadly the stones of the castle have been removed, but behind the town, you can still see the remains of some earthworks.
  4. A roundhouse is also a place to visit. It is one of the best-preserved examples of an old town lock-up in the country.
  5. Castle Cary and District Museum is again worth watching for tourists. The museum has extensive collections in it. 

Besides these, there are many other places to visit and things to do in Castle Cary.

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Popular Train Companies to Castle Cary

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains are one of the major providers and have routes to London from destinations like Birmingham, Edinburgh, York, Liverpool, Manchester, and Whales, etc.


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