Split Train Tickets to Brighton

Split Train Tickets to London

Brighton is a town which is located in England. If you are living in England and you want to go out for a weekend, Brighton is the perfect place that can serve you the best and refresh you fully at any weekend, hence it is the perfect destination for spending any weekend.

Even if you do not belong to England and you are on a holiday trip to the UK, then in that case also, Brighton is a nice place to visit. It fascinates many tourists from all around the globe.

Brighton gives a treat to the eyes because it is a small town that has an awesome location at the seaside. On the southern coast of England lies this small but beautiful town Brighton. It is at a distance of about 76 km from London.

So it becomes the nearest and perfect destination for all the people who are staying in London or nearby London to spend their weekend here at this place. Also, all the visitors and tourists who have visited London for any purpose (either for work or business or for leisure), this city is a treat to visit for such people also.

A city is also a perfect place for newly married couples who are on a honeymoon. Because of its location and beauty, this place makes their honeymoon more romantic and gives them never lasting memories, which they can remember and cherish throughout their lives.

Split train ticketing to Brighton will help you in saving your money. Also, you will be provided the cheapest train fares on this website. We assure you the cheapest prices if you want to visit this beautiful city and explore certain places like Royal Pavilion and Museums, Palace Pier, The Lanes, and North Laine, British Airways i360, Regency Houses, Brighton Festival, etc. A city with many rail providers

Brighton is close to London and hence it has many rail providers who have been serving the city. So you can book your tickets with Split Train Ticketing and you can be sure of the lowest train fares.

Popular Split Train Tickets Routes to Brighton

London to Glasgow Split Ticketing

London to Glasgow is major train route covering many major cities and stations.  You can save a lot between these stations because this route covers so many stations where you can split your train tickets.

Liverpool to London Split Ticketing

Liverpool is one of the major cities in the west of England and host to so many things including Liverpool Football Team.  This route covers major cities and Splitting Train Tickets will save more to Liverpool.

Newcastle to London Split Ticketing

Newcastle to London is also a major long route for train travel in the UK and Splitting your Train Tickets between Newcastle and London routes will give you more savings on your train journey.

Norwich to Glasgow Split Ticketing

Norwich is a beautiful and historic city in the north-east of England. Norwich to Glasgow is a major train route for travelers and covers many major cities perfect for Split Ticketing and saving more on train travel.

Popular Train Companies to Brighton

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains are one of the major providers and have routes to London from destinations like Birmingham, Edinburgh, York, Liverpool, Manchester, and Whales, etc.


The Trains operate to London from cities like Bedford, St Albans, Brighton and others.  Its the only company to run trains from North and South to the center of London.

Transpennine Express

Transpennine Express is a major train operator covering destinations like Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Glasgow, Hull, and many others.

Northern Rail

Part of Arriva Group, Northern Rails covers almost every major city in the UK including York, Nottingham, Manchester Airport, Lincoln and Liverpool etc.

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